Aug 21, 2010

ఇది చూశారు కదా?

దీనిని చూడండి.
వీలైతే కాస్త వివరం గా చూడండి.

ఇప్పటికే చూసి ఉంటే , మరో సారి చూడండి.
Thanks to Greenpeace India.
Bt Brinjal could be back. The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill has been approved by the Cabinet and will be tabled in the Parliament soon.

The BRAI bill will clear genetically modified (GM) crops overriding the concerns raised by the general public and state governments against GM food. The Cabinet cleared this bill in a hurried and hushed fashion, denying people a chance to voice their opinion.

If passed, this bill will also allow BRAI to escape the purview of Right to Information. The public will be unable to stop genetic contamination of rice or 56 other crops whose GM versions are in the pipeline. 

Time is short. The bill can be tabled in the Parliament any day. Sign the open letter now to save your food from contamination:

Thanks a billion!

Jai Krishna
Jai Krishna 
Sustainable Agriculture Campaigner
Greenpeace India 

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