Feb 19, 2010

ఇనుపగజ్జెల తల్లి ,A Narration of Drought 1

 Natural calamities often leave with unnatural human experiences.
Telugu writers narrated their experiences of prolonged drought that adversely affected Anathapur , in the form of stories and published  an anthology “ఇనుపగజ్జెల తల్లి ” (Mother of Iron anklets)
Effects of Drought descend on everything related to life…from human condition, cattle population to ecological disturbances and socio - economic breakdowns.
Struggle for survival brings in inevitable migration of homeland. A sudden turmoil in intra- personal relations, loneliness, loss of family members and kinship, depression, anxiety, fear, disruption of social networks, increased crime and violence. Girl children and women are sold or sent to work as far as the gulf. Women who are left alone often become preys for the living men in the village like moneylenders, middlemen.
No experience is pleasant.
This is drought. And, this is the backdrop for the reflections and recreations of fiction writers in the anthology.

 “. but, It is not a story!” writes A. Jaya Laxmi Raju in idi katha kadu  

And, the Editors write, “…these 18 stories are the anthology of live witness “, emphasizing that these are “the true to life experiences and  reflections  of the social reality.”

The other way,
Writers and Editors emphasize clearly that this is not just fiction but , reality.
We can say, fiction of reality and realist fiction.
This is Drought in narration. The narrated drought.

July 01, 2007

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